Tuesday, August 19, 2008

yay im 17 ^_^

not yay - no updates in over a month ;_;

however birthdays seem to get less and less 'important' every year. like it is fun to have a party, get presents, etc but the general feel is different :/

every now and then you have a big milestone, 18,21,30,40,100 etc. but really they are just some arbitrary number decided decades/centuries ago...

you know what? the same thing happens with Christmas. we (my family) only really continue the whole Santa tradition for my siblings, and they seem to know what is going on...
and same with birthdays, it is fun to see your family, friends and such. so i don't see it as pointless, just not as big as when i was little :/

i also think it is partly because we dont have the rest of our family here. sure i despised some of them, and loved others, but they were entertaining to say the least. we would go to our grandparents house most Christmases and different family members will be there, have a big Christmas dinner, etc. i do miss that, i hate to say ;_;

maybe this is a sign i am growing up, or maybe it just happens when you get older. or are they both the same thing?
and boy does time fly when you get older too. we have now been living in America for 1 year, since last week. just zoomed by...

also one quick question. what happens with time zones on your birthday? like, does where you are living at the moment mean it is your birthday, or where you were born? right now it is 12:15 AM here in Seattle, but it has been the 19th for about 17 hours now in Australia... probably doesn't matter

Rigo, likes his birthday date - 19/8/91