Saturday, July 12, 2008

omg kawaii*!

this photobucket features drawings of children dressed up as pokemon. almost every pokemon is in here!
found from the blog sexy videogameland
Enjoy my obligatory cute post of the monthish!
*kawaii roughly translates to "so cute" in Japanese. inb4weaboo >_>
Rigo, had a hard time making the first sentence not seem creepy...

OH SNAP! the photos get deleted from photoucket XDXDXD
oh well, moi moi thought they were creepy anyway >_>

Rigo, out

Friday, July 11, 2008

Hancock review!

heh, cock.

now that that is out of the way, on with the review!

hancock was a very cool movie. im not sure weather I should spoil anything, so I wont. some people complain about how the first half was really cool, and the last half was lame, but i disagree. i feel the whole thing was well balanced, good action scenes, mixed in with a nice story, with afew twists. sadly i was spoiled before the movie, so i knew what the twist was, but it allowed me to notice some little camera angles and such that could give away the twist partly, if you pay attention >_>

i can easily see them doing a sequel or two. cartoon series could work too. a lot of mythology and background... if you have seen the movie, you will know what i am talking about. now im trying to decide whether will smith was what made the movie or not. take i am legend for example. without him, it would have been really lame. but even with him i didn't like the movie >_>

i recommend seeing it, mostly for the awesome way they do the flying scenes. you really need to be in a theater for those, i believe. i also had a good atmosphere in the theater i saw it in. everyone was laughing at the right times, and such.

downsides... everyone other than will smith seemed to be pushed to the side a bit, in terms of the story. but their acting was top-notch. the physics were a bit off too, just sometimes things would fall weirdly. but that doesn't detract from the movie.

now then, onto the rating. i am testing out a rating system i have come up with. might change my mind about it later. basically, instead of 1 - 10, it is -10 - 10. i call it the MEH scale. so the lower, the better. a crappy movie, like highschool musical, gets 5 mehs. that equals about 2.5 in the 10 point scale. that means it is so bad, i have to say meh 5 times about it. a good movie, like memento, would get -10 mehs. a perfect score! that means it is so good, i have to say negative 10 mehs about it!.  it  may be a bit complicated, but i think it is cool ^_^ so i will give 2 scores, a meh and a general (GEN 1-10) score! they both mean the same thing, though!

MEH: -7
GEN: 8.5

Rigo, nothing witty to say

bad rigo! bad!

you promised to update your blogses every week you dids. yeeessss. your preeciouss blogses. any you did not do it! bad rigo! hisssssssssssss

ok, enough gollum talk. >.>

yes, I haven't updated in like 2 weeks. I’m sowwy ;_;
big hello to Mark Muggeridge, all the way from!
i have a quick question for mr muggeridge. do you have a son named nick? because I used to know a nick muggeridge...

moving on, i have good news everyone! well, not really good news. but still news. I saw Hancock last week, and I have a review for it!

might make it a completely new post, so stay tuned, rigo-nites!
oh, and i am seeing hellboy 2 tonight, lets hope it is as good as the first!

and one last thing. I am currently reading the book "twinkie deconstructed". it is about processed food in America, and how it is grown, and mined! I had a twinkie a few days ago, to see how bad they really are. BLECH! they were disgusting. in the book it is described how they put so many preservatives and shit in there to make it moist, yet keep it dry. scary shit there, man.

Rigo, now looking twice at his food labels...