Friday, July 11, 2008

bad rigo! bad!

you promised to update your blogses every week you dids. yeeessss. your preeciouss blogses. any you did not do it! bad rigo! hisssssssssssss

ok, enough gollum talk. >.>

yes, I haven't updated in like 2 weeks. I’m sowwy ;_;
big hello to Mark Muggeridge, all the way from!
i have a quick question for mr muggeridge. do you have a son named nick? because I used to know a nick muggeridge...

moving on, i have good news everyone! well, not really good news. but still news. I saw Hancock last week, and I have a review for it!

might make it a completely new post, so stay tuned, rigo-nites!
oh, and i am seeing hellboy 2 tonight, lets hope it is as good as the first!

and one last thing. I am currently reading the book "twinkie deconstructed". it is about processed food in America, and how it is grown, and mined! I had a twinkie a few days ago, to see how bad they really are. BLECH! they were disgusting. in the book it is described how they put so many preservatives and shit in there to make it moist, yet keep it dry. scary shit there, man.

Rigo, now looking twice at his food labels...

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Anonymous said...

Hey Rigo,

No, No son. Least not that I have been infomed of.

Good to that you are looking at those food labels. Only through a bit of awareness and consumer power with the food companies change their ways. ( I'll step off the soap box now. )

And thnks for the link and thus traffic to my blog. It's new and I am still really learning how to get it looking like I would like, focusing the content for the audience i want etc.

Hope you enjoyed Hancock - In the little english town I live in we have one, one screen cinema and the movies get here around two months after the rest of the country.