Sunday, June 29, 2008

I am an idiot

this is kinda hard to explain...

so i want to change my background to one i had earlier. i change it, and then i notice that there are icons under my normal icons that i cant click on :O

so i move them around, refresh the screen, reboot. nothing changes.then i realize that those are the icons that i had when i used to have the wallpaper O_O

then it occurs to me. i took a picture of my previous background to use for some reason, and then i used that one as my background >_<


Rigo, feeling stupid

Thursday, June 26, 2008

lol wut @ spore

so im itching to make a new creature tonight. I start spore, and it gives this weird error
'A required security module cannot be activated.
This program cannot be executed (5024).'

im liek, k. so I Google it.

turns out that secuROM does not like my favorite program, 'process explorer'. no fucking clue why not. so i close PE, and lo and behold, it works.

and then I remember, oblivion did this exact same shit. like goddamn, this is why im hating PC gaming at the moment. all this DRM crap /facepalm

Jesus Christ, im sick of it ._.
the only good game company is ironically valve. their steam service makes it so simple to download, and keep track of your games. and in the past valve were ridiculed for how much protection they gave their games...

oh, and another thing. why are pancakes so yummy!?!? ^_^


rigo, out!

am I a bad person for laughing at this ?_?

I honestly can not tell whether this is a real advert or not...

really? like seriously Internet. really?
dubbya tee eff

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Brice would love this!

Brice (my 8 year old brother) told me of a dream he once had awhile ago. in his dream, there existed somewhere in the world, a most wondrous place. in this place, let us call it a 'vault', there was every single Lego ever created sitting in there, waiting for him to play with it. I called him crazy. we all did. but now just who are the crazy ones?

as it turns out, there really is a place where all the Lego sets ever created are held. Brice was not crazy. i present to you a video of someone visiting the LEGO VAULT.

wait, forget that. i cant get the darn... ok, new link.

i now present to you, the blog that hosts the video of someone visiting the LEGO VAULT

stupid gizmodo and their lousy video player >:(  ......oh, your back ?_?

in summary, Lego is awesome. wait... yeah it is. and so is diablo 2 >_>


Rigo, out

Friday, June 20, 2008

my spore creature creations

wow, this game is awesome. first of all, my profile page

secondly, my first creation, the rigo cat

be nice, it was my first creation >:(


expect more  creations on my youtube page and my spore page

'Rigo, out!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

sweet trackmania track

my photoshop teacher made this track, apparently took him ~40 hours to make


sorry for the crappy quality ;;._.

*dies from cuteness* X_X

im speechless, just watch


Sunday, June 15, 2008


welcome to the first installment of hopefully many. to begin, we have this wonderful little creature created in the recently leaked 'SPORE CREATURE CREATOR'.

now i should warn you, this video is somewhat graphic, so if there are any children present in the room, please vacate them from the website momentarily.

now then, lets take a look, shall we?

my lord, what a ghastly creature. someone pull out the bug spray



well then, tune in next time for another exciting installment of "WHAT DID YOU FIND ON THE INTERNET TODAY, 'RIGO?!"

R rated movies

parents these days, taking kids to see R rated movies. when I went to see Harold a Kumar 2, in front of us was a mom, and her 2 ten year old children. practically for 90% of the movie, covered the kids eyes. and then halfway through, I think the bit with him having sex to the bag of pot, they walked out >_>
so that was a few weeks ago. cue just 5 minutes ago, when i stumble upon this web page
it is a 'parent guide' for "the happening"... many of these entries result in much /facepalm

A kid calls someone the five letter vulgar word for the female genitalia. the end of a dirty joke about male genitalia is heard. brief sex related humor
fake glasses of wine are seen in a model home.
Frightening/Intense Scenes
a woman slaps a young child's wrist when she reaches for a cookie.

this makes me wonder about what parents took their kid to see a bloody R rated movie, then complained about a woman SLAPPING A CHILD'S WRIST ._.
i seem to have forgotten my point, so i shall wrap this up.
now I realize that this article that i linked to did not itself result from complaints, but you have to wonder what has happened in the past to cause such measures to be taken
now i could also be considered somewhat of a hypocrite, for i am under 18 yet see R rated movies often, but I feel I can understand them, and not be scarred for life by some scenes. but heaven forbid if i ever see a child's wrist being slapped in my R rated movie. i may just have to sue the movie producer

'Rigo, out

welcome to my new blog

in this blog, i shall post my many thoughts and ramblings. you can try to make sense of them if you wish. this is going to be mostly for my amusement