Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Brice would love this!

Brice (my 8 year old brother) told me of a dream he once had awhile ago. in his dream, there existed somewhere in the world, a most wondrous place. in this place, let us call it a 'vault', there was every single Lego ever created sitting in there, waiting for him to play with it. I called him crazy. we all did. but now just who are the crazy ones?

as it turns out, there really is a place where all the Lego sets ever created are held. Brice was not crazy. i present to you a video of someone visiting the LEGO VAULT.

wait, forget that. i cant get the darn... ok, new link.

i now present to you, the blog that hosts the video of someone visiting the LEGO VAULT


stupid gizmodo and their lousy video player >:(  ......oh, your back ?_?

in summary, Lego is awesome. wait... yeah it is. and so is diablo 2 >_>


Rigo, out

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