Friday, July 11, 2008

Hancock review!

heh, cock.

now that that is out of the way, on with the review!

hancock was a very cool movie. im not sure weather I should spoil anything, so I wont. some people complain about how the first half was really cool, and the last half was lame, but i disagree. i feel the whole thing was well balanced, good action scenes, mixed in with a nice story, with afew twists. sadly i was spoiled before the movie, so i knew what the twist was, but it allowed me to notice some little camera angles and such that could give away the twist partly, if you pay attention >_>

i can easily see them doing a sequel or two. cartoon series could work too. a lot of mythology and background... if you have seen the movie, you will know what i am talking about. now im trying to decide whether will smith was what made the movie or not. take i am legend for example. without him, it would have been really lame. but even with him i didn't like the movie >_>

i recommend seeing it, mostly for the awesome way they do the flying scenes. you really need to be in a theater for those, i believe. i also had a good atmosphere in the theater i saw it in. everyone was laughing at the right times, and such.

downsides... everyone other than will smith seemed to be pushed to the side a bit, in terms of the story. but their acting was top-notch. the physics were a bit off too, just sometimes things would fall weirdly. but that doesn't detract from the movie.

now then, onto the rating. i am testing out a rating system i have come up with. might change my mind about it later. basically, instead of 1 - 10, it is -10 - 10. i call it the MEH scale. so the lower, the better. a crappy movie, like highschool musical, gets 5 mehs. that equals about 2.5 in the 10 point scale. that means it is so bad, i have to say meh 5 times about it. a good movie, like memento, would get -10 mehs. a perfect score! that means it is so good, i have to say negative 10 mehs about it!.  it  may be a bit complicated, but i think it is cool ^_^ so i will give 2 scores, a meh and a general (GEN 1-10) score! they both mean the same thing, though!

MEH: -7
GEN: 8.5

Rigo, nothing witty to say

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