Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Rigo reviews cave story!

Here comes rigo's second review, this time of cave story


Lets make this story bit quick, without much spoilers. Cave story starts you off in a cave, with no weapon. As you make your way through the cave you find a weapon. You then find yourself in a town inhabited by these cute little rabbit creatures. They are slowly being kidnapped by the character called the doctor. You find out more as the story progresses. Rest assured that it involves dragons, magical powers, floating islands, and a trip to hell itself.

The game play is simple but awesome. It is your basic metroidvania style platformer meaning you slowly gain new skill while traversing a large map. There is also a basic level up system. As you kill enemies, they drop little triangles that power up the gun you are holding, up to level 3. as you get hit you lose some of that experience. However it is really easy to get more. You have your generic rocket launcher, and machine gun. As well as your ungeneric bubble gun and flame gun. There is also a little sub quest with your weapons. There are 3 weapons that are able to replace your default weapon, and there are 5 other ones. Total of 8. also the default, and the swappable ones are each able to be upgraded to a new weapon once. So that is 12 weapons, and technically 36 different weapon styles. Pretty nice :)


to sum up, cave story is an awesome free game. My only problem is the length of the game. Even with the optional hell stage, you only have about 2.5 hours of playtime, maybe 4 if you take your time.

presentation – 10 – Nice clean interface, easy to determine information.

Graphics – 10 – I am a big fan of old school style games, and this one pull of that style very well.

Sound – 10 – intense music during boss fights, and addictive melodies are prevalent through the whole game

gameplay – 10 – now, there are 4 different ways you could play this game, for each of the different main weapons. There are also 3 different ending. But all three are available in one playthough. Plus 36 different weapons and great physics make for a very fun experience

lasting appeal – 8 – ouch, only problem in this almost perfect game. Could be longer. However I have played it a few times, and it is fun each time still.

tilt – 2 points – I like to add a little bit of 'tilt' to games to give them the score I want them to have ;) in this case it is for the quality of the story. It really pulls you in.

TOTAL – 48+2 = 50 = 5/5 = 10/10 = 100% = AWESOME!!!! A+++++

rigo, out

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