Thursday, September 4, 2008

Rigo reviews super mario bros.!

for rigo's computer class, he has to write reviews for games. here comes his first!


ahhh, super Mario bros. lots of people probably have fond memories of this game. i first played it on my SNES, with super Mario all stars. i don't remember how far a got the though... i first finished it i believe on the game boy version, super Mario bros deluxe.

i don't think this game needs a description, but Harvey (the wonder hamster) demands one!
you are Mario, a plumber. you are on a quest to rescue princess peach. in the way are many obstacles such as bottomless pits, goombas, giant dinosaur/dragon things and flying bullets. with EYES. to help you, you have some magic mushrooms, and practically unlimited retries. Oh , and flowers that shoot fire. When you finally reach the end of the castle, you are told the princess is in fact in another castle. So you make your way through 7 more castles until you finally find her. Then she demands you rescue her again, this time in a harder game. Ungrateful hag >_<


now, to improve the game, I would do nothing. The game is a classic already, and any changes may ruin the game. And it just so happens that this has happened before :P


presentation – 10 – the interface to the game is very basic. Just a score, time, coins and lives. But it does it job so well

graphics – 10 – you cant beat these old school graphics. They defined gaming. Even games these days cant replicate the awesomeness of the mario bros graphics.

Sound – 10 – again, these sounds defined gaming for many people. I don't think they could be changed for the better.

Gameplay – 10 – way ahead of its time. Play other early NES games and you shall see why this was a big hit

lasting appeal – 10 – for a game that is over 15 years old and yet is still played and enjoyed by millions, it has to be the longest lasting game ever.

TOTAL – 50/50 = 10/10 = 100% = A+++ = LEGENDARY

Rigo, out

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